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Company Profile

China's door and window star standard builder
Shandong Chuangguan Door & Window Co., Ltd. is a high-end door and window company integrating independent research and development, design, production and sales. Committed to providing high-end private customized solutions for global customers.
From the harmonious integration of humans and nature and the immediate needs of science and technology, we can satisfy customers' needs for design sense, individuality, comfort and safety at the greatest possible level, while achieving low-carbon energy conservation and protecting natural resources. The window canopy tailors products for new and old building renovation projects to meet the needs of customers in different climate zones.
Chuangguan Doors and Windows to maintain the high quality of doors and windows, procurement of domestic and foreign high-quality, expensive raw materials for windows and doors and the introduction of world-class doors and windows surface treatment technology, adhere to the continuous exchange of high-end doors and windows to Europe and the United States enterprise learning, combined with domestic conditions while using advanced concepts Has designed a series of luxury aluminum wrap wood, super high super-strong aluminum alloy series and beautiful and stylish sun room series and other series of doors and windows products.
The company has a strong, sensitive and full of sense of the times and creative design team, with the international advanced spraying technology and a full set of imported equipment, first-class surface treatment, user-friendly design, sophisticated technology, combined with Ambilight Glass craft, personalized engraving. Regardless of style, performance, or quality are among the best in the industry, it is the vane of their peers.
Work hard to win the future, innovation and dreams. Looking forward to the future, Chuangguan doors and windows will adhere to the professional development strategy, seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, with the goal of “creating a leading domestic R&D-type door and window company and achieving the world crown of the Chuangguan” and contribute more to the “Chinese dream”. the power of.