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Company Culture

China's door and window star standard builder
Using door and window energy-saving technology to promote comfortable and harmonious human dreams
China has more than 50 billion square meters of building area, and more than 90% of them are energy-intensive buildings!
Of the three major energy consumptions, 40% are building energy consumption!
51% of building energy consumption is lost through doors and windows!
The K value of doors and windows dropped from 3.5 to European standard 1.3, and 430 million tons of standard coal can be saved every year!
Energy consumption is limited due to windows and doors, and buildings are uncomfortable due to windows and doors.
How to use the least energy consumption to create a higher level of architectural comfort is the direction in which China's doors and windows have been upgraded with energy-saving technologies.
Chuangguan Doors and Windows are willing to work together with Chinese counterparts to jointly promote the upgrading of China's doors and windows energy-saving technologies, promote the solution of energy issues, create intelligent system doors and windows, create healthy green and warm homes, and let every building in every city, Every family has the beneficiaries of window-crown doors and windows, with the goal of “creating a leading domestic R&D-type door and window enterprise and achieving the world crown of the Chuangguan ” and contribute more to the “Chinese dream”.