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Aluminum Package Wood

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Aluminum-wood composite energy-saving door and window

[Release time:2015-04-13 10:21:50 ]

Product Description
The Chuangguan series aluminum-wood composite energy-saving door and window system adopts high-precision broken bridge thermal insulation and high thermal insulation performance aluminum alloy profiles. With the isotherm design, it improves the superior thermal insulation performance and provides you with a quiet living environment.
Material coating:
       The doors and windows are divided into insulated solid wood with a thickness of 0.3mm. The advanced technology is used to composite the solid wood on the surface of the aluminum alloy profiles, which not only retains the superior physical characteristics of the aluminum alloy's high strength, rich colors and weather resistance, but also increases the naturalness of the wood. With the same quality, aluminum doors and windows are taken home with the same expenses as aluminum alloy doors and windows, adding a gorgeous, elegant and warm feeling to home life.
       The unique design of the thin-wood composite indoor makes it possible to select precious scarce wood according to the customer's needs. This guarantees both the decorative effect and the price advantage.
Health paint
       The use of imported wooden doors and windows for water-based paint treatment, efficient and environmentally friendly, durable, more real, more close to nature.
       Imported door and window paints, pure plant paints, free of heavy metals, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection, at the same time with waterproof, breathable, long-term UV shielding, wood protection, anti-fungal, anti-corrosion and other series features, good adsorption, texture outstanding, good gloss The fullness of the paint surface allows the moisture content of the wood itself to be lower than the local air moisture content, thereby achieving mutual penetration and achieving moisture balance.
       The principle of equal pressure chamber is adopted to ensure that the pressure of the water storage chamber is equal to the outdoor pressure so that the rainwater can be smoothly discharged through the water outlet hole.
       Using professional solid wood composite technology, aluminum alloy and solid wood are integrated. The indoor solid wood feels fresh and beautiful.
       The design of the strip covering the pressure line solves the phenomenon of wood warping caused by the exposure of solid wood, and ensures coordination with the interior decoration.
       The arc pressure line adopts the connection mode of the pressure line card, which solves the arc pressure line installation problem without affecting the strong windows and doors.
       A variety of splicing methods have solved the production and installation of large openings and doors and ensured the overall strength of doors and windows.