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Aluminum Package Wood

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Aluminum-wood composite door and window system

[Release time:2015-04-13 10:19:39 ]

Product Description
       The “Chuangguan” aluminum-wood composite door and window system is composed of high-precision aluminum alloy door and window frames, and the inside of the frame is made of high-quality natural hardwood, with clear texture and strong texture. The combination of outer aluminum inner wood makes the overall shape of doors and windows novel, that is, retains the modern decorative style of outdoor appearance, and integrates the natural texture of wood into the home. Not only is it luxurious, elegant, and durable, but it also has good insulation, sealing, and wind pressure resistance, and is the first choice for high quality life.
Material coating:
   The wood is made of imported hardwood and treated with imported water-based paint for windows and doors. It is highly efficient, environmentally friendly, durable, more authentic and closer to nature.
   Doors and windows are made of high-precision aluminum alloy profiles with proprietary intellectual property rights that have been opened by well-known domestic brands.
   Imported door and window paints, pure plant paints, free of heavy metals, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection, at the same time with waterproof, breathable, long-term UV shielding, wood protection, anti-fungal, anti-corrosion and other series features, good adsorption, texture outstanding, good gloss The fullness of the paint surface allows the moisture content of the wood itself to be lower than the local air moisture content, thereby achieving mutual penetration and achieving moisture balance.
health and safety
   The health and safety of the family affects everyone's heart. Home safety is one of the top issues we consider. From every aspect of design, manufacturing and installation, window-crown doors and windows have established a rigorous system to enhance process control and product quality, and fully enhance safety performance.
   Reasonable isotherm design principles improve the overall insulation performance of doors and windows;
   The use of plastic connectors between the insulation bars enhances the strength and sealing of the corners;
   Quality is better than everything, providing high quality products is our criteria;
   The Chuangguan is supported by high quality of life, rigorous in pursuit of technology and perseverance, providing you with quality products.