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Aluminum Package Wood

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Aluminium wood doors and windows

[Release time:2016-07-09 14:12:43 ]

Product Description
Aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows are frames that are made by mechanically combining the aluminum alloy profiles and solid wood of insulated bridges under the premise of retaining the features and functions of pure solid wood doors and windows. The two materials are connected by high-molecular nylon pieces and fully taken care of. Different properties of wood and metal shrinkage factors. The wood used for the two materials is selected from red oak grown in the eastern United States and natural larch produced in Russia. After strict screening and treatment of antisepsis, degreasing, and flame retardant, German high-strength adhesive glue is used to increase the strength of wood. , corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other aspects have been guaranteed, and has thermal insulation, sealing noise, sturdiness and durability.