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Broken Bridge Aluminum

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Broken bridge aluminum

[Release time:2015-04-13 10:23:09 ]

Product Description
Chuangguan series broken bridge aluminum door and window system
There are a wide variety of window and aluminum swing door series, which is a standard application system for different locations. Extensive system profiles, with a slim visible surface width and a high degree of transparency, can achieve high-end sophisticated design. The excellent soundproofing performance and safety performance make theChuangguan door and window system a reliable safety steward.
Chuangguan high heat insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy window
Advantages: Large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The open type wipe window is convenient; the open type open space does not occupy space.
Chuangguan high thermal insulation aluminum alloy sliding window
Advantages: simple, elegant, large amplitude window, a large glass block, vision, lighting rate, Cabo convenient, flexible, reliable, long life, open in one plane, take up less space, easy installation screens. Beautiful appearance, economical price, good sealing. Use high-grade slides, push gently to open and flexible. With the large glass, it not only increases the lighting in the room, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash is in good condition and is not easily damaged.
Chuangguan high insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy hanging window
There are two ways to open the top hung window. It can be opened flat and pushed away from the top. Advantages: either ventilation, and can ensure safe, because there are hinges, windows only open ten centimeters joints, stretching the hand from the outside do not come in, especially suitable for use when no one at home, greatly enhancing the security.